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On Demand

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Ploy connects the casual IT workforce with task-oriented assignments across Australia. Whether you’re looking for work, or looking to hire, we bring you stacks of options.
As an applicant you'll go through a thorough screening process, so that we can:
Highlight your strengths
Uncover areas of weakness
(where we can assist)
Benchmark your skills against the global market
Our unique solution allows us to provide clients with a quality, flexible, and purpose-built workforce that streamlines business requirements, making life simpler and more profitable. Better still, Ploy manages everything end to end from talent pooling to payroll. It’s all done autonomously, so you save money, time and most importantly, it means you can focus on more pressing matters.

Our IT Resource Process Outsourcing model caters to all IT demands. Why pay a premium working with multiple vendors when you can streamline your recruitment, consulting and payroll needs via our cloud-based solution?
Talent on Demand
Ploy provides a high response service that enables Australian businesses to quickly and flexibly manage their IT resource levels.
Ploy provides national coverage (metro and regional) with no fixed term; therefore your business only pays for resources, as they are needed.
You obtain 100% utilisation of the resource's time, as you allocate the timeframe required (note: a minimum of 2.5 hours charge out).
Your business can leverage a wide range of skills from Service Desk, right through to Chief Information Officers, Australia-wide.
Projects & Services
Ploy provides a high response service that enables Australian businesses to quickly and flexibly manage their IT resource levels.
Ploy’s talent pool solution brings forward some of the most experienced IT contractors in Australia.

Leveraging decades of experience, Ploy will accurately and efficiently quote and provide resources based on the timeframes agreed and diversity of locations required.

Our flexibility and expertise enables us to offer you an end-to-end IT solution.
  • Services include
  • Warehousing
  • Asset Tagging
  • Distribution
  • Deployment
  • IMAC
  • Decommissioning
  • Data Cleansing
  • Disposal / Re-Marketing
Scheduled Support
This unique service is designed to meet the business demands of today’s economy.
Ploy provides support to IT systems and networks across multiple locations, campuses and/or data centre operations, 24/7, all year round. The goal is to proactively pre-empt and avoid any IT issues your organisation may face.
This is achieved by geographically mapping business demands against historical data and resources required.
Ploy delivers a solution that ensures the demanding areas of your business are addressed as a priority. Thereby minimising headcount and increasing utilisation.
IT Break Fix
Ploy will ensure your organisation's IT Break Fix is run both effectively and efficiently.
Our experience dictates that the success of IT Break Fix depends on both speed and communication.

Ploy will accurately and efficiently quote and provide resources based on agreed SLAs, timeframes and diversity of locations.

Ploy will deploy IT personnel onsite to troubleshoot and prevent recurrence. This saves on future maintenance efforts and costs. Features of this service include Break-Fix support and IT repair services across Australia Metro & Regional.
24/7 Service Desk
Ploy provide an Australian based support desk tailored to include changing locations and time zones.
You are able to reduce service desk costs without compromising service levels by providing flexible solutions that are based upon industry best practice whilst also providing an in-country quality service.

The Ploy solution also allows your internal staff to focus on issues critical to the business thus increasing productivity.
  • Services include
  • ITIL based incident management
  • Ticketing
  • Third-party escalation
  • Remote end-user PC
  • Application support
IT Recruitment
Ploy combines the sophisticated capabilities of larger staffing companies with the personal touch of a boutique service to deliver to your contingent and permanent (FTE) IT staffing requirements.
Our consultants come from specialised IT recruitment backgrounds providing the insight, expertise and networks that come with years of industry experience.
IT Resource Process Outsourcing
Ploy has the experience, knowledge and insight to provide total outsourcing of your IT resources.

We will strategically manage the talent in your organisation by offering an all-encompassing service, which will see you optimise your IT talent supply chain.

Ploy offers a flexible approach to your business requirements by allowing you to outsource part, or all of your resourcing demands to include
  • Services include
  • IT Services
  • Full Time / Contingent Recruitment
  • Statement of Works (SoW)
  • On-boarding / Payrolling